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A pregnancy termination is frequently the most difficult decision a woman will ever make in her life. In a calm and supportive environment, a woman will be surrounded with the care and emotional, spiritual and financial support she requires to nurture a child. Unfortunately this is not always the case.

Here at Abortion Brisbane, our clinic is firstly a counselling centre, giving each woman the attention and professional wisdom she may require to make a calm decision whether to keep her baby, or whether to have a therapeutic miscarriage according to the regulations of Queensland which are currently anti-abortion. Our experienced female psychologists allow our patients to have a period of time to explore the ramifications of each option, and then to make the decision which they are capable of at this time.

We welcome women bringing their partners along if they wish, or attending alone or with family members. All considerations are addressed to arrive at a decision which will have the least amount of negative effect on the woman’s life for the years to come. It’s understood that the emotional side-effects of an abortion can last a lifetime – states of mind and heart such as guilt, depression, day-dreaming about what might have been, regret and embarrassment around personal or social stigmas are likely to weigh upon a woman’s mind for many years to come.

So any rash impulses to carry out a pregnancy termination are first dialogued with our caring female counsellors to help a holistic view of this decision to be developed.

Once a full perspective is achieved, a decision can be made either for the abortion taking place, or for the keeping of your potential child, and then various agreements are reached to enter the definitive phase.

If you remain convinced that a pregnancy termination is the only course of action, then we discuss the timing of the surgery, the recovery process, and what post-operative support is available through us, both in the short term (medical / health-related) and the longer term (emotional / spiritual) so that the experience is respected for what it is – a substantial and life-changing one.

You can be assured of the highest standards of professional and medical care from our clinic.